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These days, it seems like, everything has been caught on fire, yet nothing is burning. The concepts concerning, why can't love end up winning? Hell on earth but it's all fucking personal. The process ain't whimsical, all around flammable because the damage is a little too critical. Haha, it's hysterical nothing makes sense but hey, at least I finally learned it's best to stay silent after repeating the same thing numerous times to end up in a situation that's quite fucking ironic. I don't want to be iconic, not even biblic, I'm trying to heal right, so these days I'm trying to piece together the things that are actually symbolic. 

In a panic.
Love became transic
Bringing back 
Heart ache.

Hold my heart, I don't want it. It feels too loud, just listen to it thumping. Like, fuck I'm sick of trying so for now I'ma put all I got into healing and well enough just being. 


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    Jul 09, 2021

  • Jul 09, 2021

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