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Hey matt
shit, you know you cant save everyone?
you an odd cat
if you think everyones battle can be won

Ah shit hes back
what you dont think i known that
but i try
cause i remember when all i got told was youll be fine
keep peace in mind

Yo matt who are you kiddin?
you think anyones gonna listen
its been quite a minute
yet you havent finished
your business
cmon bro i know you wanna start hittin

man i told you im on a mission
yeah im wishin i was hittin
but you are me
imma stay clean
i dont need
no weed
i wont plead
to me
so muthafucka just leave

matt why would i wanna set you free
i looked through your eyes
you say you wll rise
but i see what youve seen

Ah shit youre the bad version
im not turnin
my respect you aint earnin
id prefer burnin
than ever turnin
to you


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