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You try to shake me
calling me crazy,
cause I'm screaming don't wake me,

I just wanna live in this dream
because all of these
beautiful things I see,
oh I wouldn't trade it for a damn thing
so just let me 

This whole world is mine,
The only world where I shine,
The world where I longer fight,
The only world where I'm truly fine,

you ever pretend you're okay,
telling that to everyone; just tryna keep yourself at bay,
Tryna get up from where you lay,
but it seems as if you can't do that today,

So just let me dream,
let me sleep,
so I no longer have to scream,
so I no longer have pain attacks until I can't breathe,
just let me sleep,
so I don't have to weep,
so I don't have to watch all this blood seep,


  • Jul 09, 2021

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