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I need that medicine,
Its the sedative;
That I love,
The shit that helps me when I feel as if I'm done,

I also toke
That reefer,
That gives me the hope;
To still be a believer

Sometimes I wish I could be numb;
So it'd stop all the pain 
That comes
Inside my brain
The illness making me insane,

Favorite color is black,
While I cry,
Sit back,
Telling myself lies,
As I laugh,
Knowing I won't be fine,

One day I praise me,
And the next I hate me,
I feel so damn crazy,
I just hope these drugs don't take me
To the fallen place with those rotten daises,

I'm such a wreck,
I'm such a mess,
I'm so fucking depressed,
I'm not wishing for death,
But for better times for what comes next,
And don't get me wrong; in hella ways I'm blessed,
But I've been dealt some shitty cards from the deck,
So this is how I.. Vent,


  • Jul 09, 2021

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