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Can you relate,
To what I'm 'bout to say,
Have you ever had to hide
The pain?,
But hey,
You know what they say,
"Oh man don't worry one day
It'll all change"

But what about all my hidden tears,
 hidden scars,
And the fear
I won't make it far,
I have to be in control on my life as if I'm driving a car,
And I have the control to steer,

Or so I hope,
I feel so cold,
But I'll continue on,
Even though
I know,
Somethings wrong,
And if I keep hiding shit to my chest,
what's gonna happen next;
 is imma blow like a bomb,
So for now I'll just try 'n stay calm,

But I don't want all this shit I gotta hide,
Shit it's been awhile since I even cried,
But everyday I seem to come up with the exact same fucking lie,
"Hey man you better?",
 yeah dude, feeling great, feeling fine,
But if I'm being honest I'm on the urge of writing my final letter,
Cause as I lay on my bed
I realize even with my psych meds
I'm still so fucked up in the head

But I mean I knew life wasn't supposed to be easy,
But what's up with it always tryna tease me,
Why can't it just ease me,
Cause one day it's gonna leave me,

So raise your hand,
If you've been through it and understand,
Cause I must say that I can,
Was taught don't cry, you a man,
So I took my bruises, my lumps,
And got right back up,
And got myself outta my dump,

But I swear,
Itll be back,
So why care
I won't get the last laugh,

Or maybe,
That's the crazy
Talking, I mean at least I know
No matter how cold
I grow,
I won't even give up,
So myself is the only person I ever need to love,


  • Jul 09, 2021

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