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physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred,
Yet these demons have no regard,
My mental state is hella hard

for me to deal with,
I don't have a death wish,
sometimes I just need that extra hit,
you get the jist,

and sometimes I wish,
for rain and mist
while I smoke half a zip,

ive tried to love a lot,
but every time I try I end up in the same box,
When I explode like a bomb,
but I'm not capable of love so why try to con,

I know where I'm at,
And I know that cupids gon' be back,
but where he makes me obsessed,
then when my heart breaks I'll get depressed,
I'm sick of living in this mess,
What's my next

I need answers to these questions,
cause I have no clue,
Why am I the one my demons testin',
Even when I'm blue,
So who's tellin
me why are they pryin',
Why should I keep tryin',
Either way imma keep fightin',
cause they don't want me survivin',
But I swear they're drivin'
me crazy,
but they aint gon' take me,
nor did they make me,
so fuck it, I'll watch em hurt painly,

love is overrated,
so fuck love, I'm not playin',
nor when it calls am I stayin',
So I'm prayin'
to not fall in love 
once more,
cause that stuff
got me hella bored,
being solo's enough,
I don't need nothin' more,


  • Jul 09, 2021

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