Wish I Could Take Your Pain Away And Tell You Everything Gon' Be Okay Read Count : 34

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I know that you don't want me around,
Im sorry if I ever let you down,
I can't help but to hide behind the tears of a clown,

I wish I was with you when shit got tough,
But I was scared so I decided to run,
When I should've been there to show support and love,
But I had my own stuff
To take care of,

I know you think,
"Oh shit here we go again, how much did you have to drink?",
"Dude you hella high, fucking fiend",
But that shit makes me live with ease,
You said fuck you and peace,
So whatever go and leave,

But you only know what I tell you,
So don't think you know the story behind my life,
I remember trying to help you,
But you just wanted to push your problems down and hide,
But I swear I tried,
But I mean who hasn't thought of suicide,

I know
That I wont ever go
That low,
Don't matter how cold
I grow,
Death by my hands is a no,
But I'm not gonna lie and say i haven't thought of it befo',

I wish I could take your pain
So far away,
But no matter how much you try I'm not gonna be the one you break,
So yeah I understand I'm the one you hate,
But that's cause you never saw my great,
I'm still alive, that gotta be fate,
Cause shit,
If I must admit,
I'm not okay,

This shit is endless,
Im fucking helpless,

It took me awhile
To notice people don't care,
And people won't always be there,
So for myself I smile,

But its hard I just wanna start runnin',
Hearts I am afraid of touchin',
Cause if I'm honest sometimes I feel nothin',
Someday I hope to feel somethin',


  • Jul 09, 2021

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