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I'm screamin'
Behind closed doors,
Asking my demons
Why ain't they leavin'

I'm sick of being angry,
Head aching,
Heart breaking,
Mind hating,
Demons tryna tame me,
Cause I fucking hate me,

These doors are closed,
As I'm screaming for hope,
Demons on my shoulders shouting nope
Back at me,
They want to take me
And make me
Part of the family,
Until I'm crazy,

As I scream
Behind these four walls,
I feel as if I can't breathe,
As I hear my name be called,

But I least I'm not dead yet,
Even though I hit loads of dead ends,
Waking up to the same bed head,

You don't know my story,
Don't try to act as if you know me,
You haven't seen behind doors,
What do we die for?,
I guess I'm bored,
Of this life,
But I'm still here,
And imma still try
Throughout all my fears,
Throughout my tears,
And throughout all the bad times,
the sad vibes,
And sometimes I can't believe I'm still alive,

I'm lost in my own echo,
Screaming for it to let go,

Misery hates company,
I mean what do they want from me?,
I've been stuck in my room,
I've been struck to my doom,
But I'll still scream fuck you out my tomb,

I hope to drift away,
And watch everything shift today,
I need another hit, okay?,
I promise to quit, today,

Ah who I am lying to?,
I swear I'm trying to,

I'm on my last straw,
I guess
I'm on the edge,
But aren't we all?,
And aren't we all afraid of death,
And afraid of what's next,
Or maybe it's just me,
i see all the ugly
That I carry
Deep inside,
Some scary
Shit you'll find,
Cause I'm very
Fucked up in the head,


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