No Longer Believing The Lies I've Told Myself Read Count : 26

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I'm so sick and tired
Of this fire,
That burns through my soul,
I can't help to be a liar...
To myself,
I don't wanna live in the hell
I have created,
I don't wanna fill myself with hatred,
Nor do I wanna fold
On my goals,

How many times
Have I said I'm fine,
Fuck it's just another lie,

I look in my reflection,
And move my facial muscles
To form a grin,
Lies never endin',
Living like I'm untouchble,
But I know
That I wont
always win,

I'm sick of living in this delusion,
Seeing thing movin',
Trying gather all the pieces of being human,

Imma pick up my room,
Imma do that and this,
The floor imma broom,
And wash the dish,

But you know what?,
I'll do it later,
I can't be serious,
Now I'm kinda curious,
Are you ever gonna get it done,
Can't even refill the shakers,

Maybe it's cause I'm a mess,
Maybe it's cause I'm depressed,
Or maybe it's cause I'm lazy,
As I sit on the couch with my blankie,

Is it a stretch to say earth's a nightmare,
And sometimes I'm scared,
Through mary jane
Is how I find care
From all the pain,
I've been up for five long days,
As I hear the same ol' song play,

My head starts to twitch,
My head starts to spin,
Love it when I get lit,

I guess I'm lonely,
Been like that way before jr. High,
Cause I always caught on when they were acting phoney,
But I was always down to slide,

I believed if maybe I kept telling me,
 "aye bro just know you're okay",
That it would come true,
But depression hit like a one, two ,
Demons came back, till I'm screaming I hung you! ,

Nah I don't really see,
But I know what I believe,
So if I got an angel on my shoulder,
Then I must have a demon wanting me colder,


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