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I wonder if those close to me
Will be the ones to fold on me,
But maybe that's what it's supposed to be,
Cause you don't wanna be alone with me,

Will I die by the hands of a enemy
Or will I die by the dude who fighting next to me,
Will they turn and go against me
Or will I die by the hennessey,
What's left of me
But all the drugs
I consume,
Soon I'll meet the destiny
That one day my time's gon be up,
And I'll say High (hi) from my tomb;
In hopes 
that you'll you smoke
and blow
a fat cloud,
Make sure to be puffing that loud,
And just take a second to remember me,
And let me show you things no one ever sees,

What's the point of livin',
All these awards people winnin',
Is it even important where we're goin',
What's the point of just showin'?,
What's the point if you not totin',
Respect to all the dude's doing the smokin',
Cause a lot act down, act real but they broken,

Imma die one day,
Imma die some way,
So to the game,
I must slay,

They say only god can judge me,
Well I'm judging you,
And if you budge me,
Then what you wanna do,
Not knowing your girl loves me,
Thinking you the only one but know I'm tugging too,

And I'm only in high school,
Telling your lady I get high, too,
Oh shit I'll be back,
Cause it's the perfect time to,
Hop on the weed sack,


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