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This world that we live in
Is full of hate love and chaos,
We live so vidid,
And wonder what'll take us,

People try to fix me; but if I'm not broken,
Why try to fix what can't be,
So when you ask me,
If I'm fine I'm really closin' in,

Why can't some people just mind their own business,
It's like they keep budging, never quittin',
That shit gets me tickin',
Why focus on my minutes,
When yours are what you're missin',

Why focus on someone else,
When you're on the edge

We can try to make this world
A better place,
But a lot of this shit will make you hurl,
It's just fate,

Yet war 
Comes before peace,
And what for?,
To be free?,
Shouldn't that just be a necessity,

The world won't never be perfect,
But if every women and man,
strives to do the best we can,
Then maybe the world won't be hurtin'
As much
As it was,


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