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Put I put in my headphones

And play pink ployd

To block out all the noise

at my home

The only I time I can cool it

And not act stupid

Is when I'm listening to music

Its just peace

The place when my pain seems

To cease

Other than in my dreams

Sometimes I put on Seether

And take a breather

As I change my demeanor

To something a bit more cleaner

You ever been so lost

that you just shut out

And the one's who you're around

Is what it cost

It's sad to say

That my love

For these drugs

Made me okay

but is it that I'm blind?

to blind to see

That the drugs are killing me

As I pretend to be fine

I try n get sober

But every time it's the same

My pains

never over

But that's life


But shit, I'm lucky cause I'm still here

How many attempts

I have under my belt

But hey, I've never been sent

To die

So dying isn't my fear

Unless I'm just telling myself another lie

I mean how do we walk the same path

Same road

But we're all still alone

That's why I sit back

And laugh

We're all so same

Yet so different

We all can be so tame

Yet still sinnin'

Now I'm not judgin'

Each to their own

But for me and myself ill try to atone

And just know I'm not budgin'


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