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Is something I can never have

That's why sometimes I sit back

And get mad

At my love for drugs

Never knowing what I'm capable of

And never giving a fuck

Always drinking rum

Till I'm passed out 'n drunk

I guess thats a couple of my problems

And I know I gotta solve em

I'm still the same as I was at my lowest

I hate to admit it but sometimes I'm still hopeless

So many demons it's as if I'm soulless

So many friends lost I'm bro less

I'm so damn lost

Where did I go wrong

Everyday is getting too long

For me to bare

And I admit sometimes I'm scared

And I was never there

For the people I care


And for the people I adore

I wish I could've done more


Is the one and only drug

I hate

And the drug that I won't ever take

I know me better than anyone

I'm tired of tryna love

I'm sick, tired, and done

Everyone wants love

And says it's fun

Until they come

Across the bumps


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