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I lost my zest for life - or I never had it.
I haven't trusted anyone since
 I blindly trusted someone,
And I discovered that she was actually
 The biggest liar.

  You can say I'm paranoid, 
But that's the truth behind the scenes. 
 Although I believe in God, 
I always have a dark side. 

A dark side that makes me sad, 
Makes me feel never good enough for myself. 

 I have few friends I barely talk to,
 I'm not good at starting conversations,
 Or to keep the conversation
 Going for a long time.

I don't like to force the doors 
That are already closed.
 I don't put pressure on people
 To give me value, to notice me.

I'm one of the crowd 
But I'm nobody's.
  I don't like to argue, 
I prefer to remain silent.

When I leave,
 I don't look back, 
Even if I still have feelings 
Inside my heart.

If I feel like I'm bothering someone,
 I get out of their way, 
I don't want to be an obstacle,
 I don't like to fight for things
 I can never have.  

Many confuse my fatigue with indifference.
Sometimes I'm too devastated 
To show them the difference.


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