Clay, Ray, May: Episode 7 Read Count : 47

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They bought popcorn and soda, then went in to see the movie. During the movie May got closer to Clay.

"I heard that if this movie grossed enough money, they'll turn this into a show." Whispered May. Clay looked at her then the the boy in the movie.

Throughout the movie there were lots of fights. Some were big and others small. The boy was in all them. Same with a girl. His childhood friend, he doesn't remember her though. They were always together.

"I'll be right back," Clay whispered getting up.

May continued watching. It was getting close to the end of the movie and Clay hasn't returned. May began to worry, looking around. "Clay, you're going to miss the best part.." May thought in her head. At the last fight, in the last scene Clay returned.

"Leave her alone!" Yelled Ki, the boy in the movie, crying.
Yanagi, the boys childhood friend was being held over the edge of the building, holding on tight. Ki got up and rushed to them, but was stopped by the pain in his right leg. Tears ran down his cheeks, he stuck his hands out in pain. Yanagi did the same.

"Willow Tree." Yanagi whispered before passing out.

May wrapped her arm around Clay. He squealed a little in pain. May looked at him then felt a warm feeling on his arm. It was blood.

Ki eyes darkened. He slowly got up and walked towards Yanagi and the man holding her over the edge of the building. He quickly took Yanagi out of the man's hand. He set her down, then went to kill the man.

May got up to get napkins to stop the blood.

At the end of the movie, May rushed Clay to the car.
"Are you okay, your bleeding!"
"I'm fine," Clay answered looking away


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