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All I can say is that I have been living a lie,I wanted to impress people who don't care  about my life.
My life changed when I was in high school ,I was so thirsty for high school life,imagining myself being an influencer.I have been longing to be well known at school by the time I was famous everyone was longing to be my friend . I had more than 4 friends they were slay queens,I started going out with them not caring what my parents will say, I was doing what makes my friends happy.That time I didn't realise that I wasn't happy I was doing things for fame,my mother would reprimand me everytime I go to clubs but I cared less.I started using drugs,I lost control in everything I do ,friends changed when they see that I'm addicted I was alone,broken I couldn't look at my parents after the pain I've caused to them,I decided to move out and I dropped off at school because I was a laughing stock. I realised that I have been living a lie while I thought I was happy but I became depressed,this is not the kind of life I want but its too late to change that I'm nothing,I'm useless and selfish I regret trying to change myself. 



  • May 16, 2021

  • May 16, 2021

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