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it's 8:30 the night and I am still awake. Wondering how tomorrow will turn out to be like. It's been the week end ,tomorrow is monday and the whole weekend I was sick with flue. I hope I feel better to go to work tomorrow , those kids need me to pitch up and be strong. 
I may not feel good enough but the kids need me to help them read ,count and dance. It is what I love doing. Tomorrow is going to be a good day , I want it to be a good day even thaugh I am new to this. I have a friend there whom I hope will see how much I need her. I need a friend as much as I need a pencil to write down my feelings. I also need God but that is more like the need of air to breath. 
So the thruth is I need both. 
Do you ever need a friend? Do you ever feel like just crying ot to God? 
you are not alone , I feel so too. We should be strong , i don't know for how long but the story of tomorrow will turn out great. 
Just believeā™”


  • May 16, 2021

  • May 21, 2021

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