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I see you in my living room.
Watching TV, replying to text.
I say spend time with me and you said Hold on. I'm here but I'm busy.

I see you lay next to me at night
With your reading glasses on, reading a text.
I say cuddle with me and you said
Go to sleep. I'm here but I'm busy.

I see you walk next to me at shopping malls
Answering a phone call, typing vigorously on WhatsApp
I say is this nice and you didn't hear me as you walk away, busy

I say you don't spend time with me and I feel all alone,
You say I'm always here but I'm just too busy. 

Dear men, your presence means nothing if your mind is absent.
Your presence means nothing at all if we still crave for your attention. 
Don't be physically present but mentally absent for your woman. 


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    May 16, 2021

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