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Calling my name
Sirens say
Come play our game

They don’t tell you
About the price you’ll pay
They don’t tell you
About the pain you’ll feel
Tempt and persuade
Seductively call your name
Call you night and day
In the voice of an angel

Wickedness and sin
Death to every man
This is what they have to sell
To everyone they can
Sell it as a paradise
Drinks on the beach
And when you’re in their clutches
Find out that everything stinks

Now I see their true form
Can it be
So deformed 

And the weakness of man shines through
When temptation calls his name
Leading to his destruction
And a life bound in chains

Anchored to his past
Tied to the mast
Tethered to nothing strong
During the storm

He groans in disgust
Finally knowing his faults
Seeing for the first time
Sins kept in ancient vaults 


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