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A tales end with no remembrance to the beginning, and no one's winning,

Thumbing through memories of the forgotten agonies, complete blasphemy,

Never should a human go through so many quandaries, dishearteningly,

This plight without any light has forced my decline, forgetting lost time,

Horrors from the start, covered in staples upon my heart, it's torn apart,

Splitting at the seams from every scar in  captivity, living a false dream,

The blood is sludge and the torment will not budge, everyone misjudged,

My inner spirits death now captures it's last breath, the minds unkept,

As the stress from this mess starts to progress, I have to suppress,

More than the shell of a body in this hell, I  arose every time I fell,

The purpose isn't for me, down by my feet, are the children in need,

Reliving another painful betrayal from every narcissistic portrayal,

There was never any support, in court pressing abort as a last resort,

Alone battered and abused, without backing and horribly used,

Left with only one choice, I pronounce our safety with my legal voice, 

The walls are up, it's been incredibly rough, the opponents tough,

Children are now safe, although my  savaged hearts been hard raked,

This Unremitting Calamity aspired by the devil's Inhumanity, an exhaustive insanity. 


  • Very deep

    May 15, 2021

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