Fruits Of A Broken Love Read Count : 57

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Sub Category : Fantasy

There was a beautiful love in the spring months, her name was Ana, his name was Luis, they were inseparable like any love story with an unforgettable beginning when the summer arrived, their love produced a beautiful baby that they named Alisa. They gave all their love to the girl they looked completely happy they lived in a small house far from the city the girl when she reached an age to start school they decided to give her a better education so they moved to a more civilized place they started each starting a job her life changed a lot but everything was for the good of her little girl, but everything then began to change and as every love story comes to an end love left she had stayed in that little house they did not know that moving would change so much their lives at least that destroyed their love. There was no time left for them, their customs were broken, they argued with the girl, and they no longer spent time with so many duties, fights, the girl took refuge in her room, then her parents broke up. Luis was unfaithful to her. Ana was destroyed so that love ended up leaving that fruit. In the middle of a broken couple ... Even so, every story continues, they had left that bb alisa who grew up every day feeling lonely her mother busy with work also began to dedicate time to herself because of her pain her soul ached for That betrayal her father visited her every month because he was also busy with his things, she was someone so intelligent she liked very much to draw, make pieces of paper and play at her school, she did well she was only very distracted because her mind lived in those beautiful memories when She lived in her little house, I hate having grown up because she realized that when you get older, everything goes a long way and nothing goes back to doing the same as before, that's how life worked for her ... When she turned 17, every night she cried in her bed because the adolescent problems had started, she had no one to talk to about it, that day she had a very strange dream, she was holding hands with a black zombra, it impacted her but it gave her peace like that. who were walking towards the lake of that place where he was so happy and when they saw the reflection they both did not see themselves reflected. The girl that night gave him a strong fever and died he stayed in the dream with that zombra that was his company, they were very happy that zombra was his past because he returned to him that was the deepest desire of his heart.


  • May 15, 2021

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