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It's not tough as to build a castle of sand,
It doesn't require any formula of chemistry.
It just flows from your mind to hand,
To give a life to a beautiful poetry.

You will just need to observe everything,
Slowly, your mind's cells will be active.
Your nerves will be recharged and your mood will swing,
To show you each and every object very attractive.

Once you'll step in this amazing world,
You will feel a divine energy.
It will make your sleepy mind unfurled,
And you'll be refreshed to wake up from lethargy.

Every minute, you'll get a new lead,
To give words to your every single creation.
You'll just need to nourish your brain's seed,
To give life to your lovely and unique imagination.

Finally, you'll gather words and phrases,
As the plants gather their foods through phloem.
Then you'll create sentences in pages,
To give life to your thoughts and you'll create an amazing poem.

(As we have veins and arteries in our body, plants too have xylem and phloem within them... Which helps them to grow by carrying essential nutrients like water, proteins etc. from roots to every part of plants.... This explanation is just for the word "phloem"... which is used in the last stanza of this poem)


  • hello everyone, what I think about poetries and poems, I just tried to carve the same thing in this poem... for different peoples, their may be different definition of poetries to them..... but for me it's something that comes in our mind through our surrounding and we gets too much attracted towards it that our mind directs our hand to give words to those scenarios and imaginations.... in this poem too there may be some errors but now I am trying them to improve 😍🙏

    May 15, 2021

  • Nice

    May 15, 2021

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  • Jul 15, 2021

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