9 Steps To Take Before Turning On Your HVAC System (Part 2) Read Count : 53

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4. Verify smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, change the batteries (if necessary)

Do not ignore the safety detectors when checking your  HVAC system; make sure they are in working condition. To that end, test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors beforehand using manufacturer guidelines. Check out the batteries used in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, too. Consider their replacement, if necessary. 

5. Clear the space around the unit

Inspect the space around your furnace for a potential fire hazard. Make sure it is free of any foreign objects or flammable agents. Check the vents, too, and clear the debris if there are any.  Do not forget about air ducts. Make sure the entire system is safe to be turned on soon.

6. Inspect for leaks

Air leaks can become trouble especially for those who want to keep their place warm. As some of the air will escape to the outside, they will have to opt for a heater or some other movable equipment and spend extra for the bills. Don’t think it won’t bother you during summer; it can become even a bigger problem in the future if you neglect it. To prevent it, check the system for leaks. If you have observed any, try to fix it or call professionals  to inspect and repair the system.
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