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My Heart’s a hungry, starving stomach.

You’re the food i only can taste with my iris

You’re standing right there, like a filled plate at my table.

The Blood in my heart is watering.

I wanna rip open my mouth, i try to do, so desperately,

But you’ve erased it. My lips were only pink, or red, dried up, cracked paint.

What was behind and between my lips, has molten together

And my teeth are white, little, sharp diamonds you stole.

My tongue is the red carpet you walk on with your king-boots.

(Step on me and smear the dirt at my taste)

There’s only a blank, closed space underneath my nose.

I’m watching you all day, but your eyes can only see through me

Without noticing me, at all.

So i try to reach you with my nervous fingertips, maybe then you’d realize you aren’t alone and just singing and dancing the same, different moves all by yourself,

But my nails only scrape at glass.

My palms only touch and feel a screen of a phone or TV.

Sometimes that barrier feels warm, are you breathing at it, then, and create a foggy smoke?

Do you lit a little fire behind my back?

Maybe the whole purpose of my love for you is,

You, showing me, what another lie of life i am.

What another trick for blind eyes i am.

That I'm already forgotten,

And that nobody has spoken my name since decades.

That all things I'm experiencing are just the side-effects of my latest, successful dying.


 just maybe it’s all proof for your made up Existence

What another lie of digitality you are

What another spell of a magican’s dream you have always been.


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