The Art In The Art-less Things Read Count : 18

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all things are art

most of them, the material things and copied words, in which we slumber, in which we dream and lay unconscious

'cause we grow and we were born

and we saw and heard few of them with our first blink.

when we were infants, we knew god's an artist and we were works of art

and we believed we were blood in an infinite vein

til the Devil came and made us think we are just a stain, wiped away.

Nothing's worthless

nonsense's there to make us stupid

to feel carefree and not alone, get addicted and lose our eyesight

It's selfdestructive

you're all little ignorant masochists, paying positive attention to the money-tongue

the money-teeth

the money-mouth

devouring it's twin-paper-babies that the humans suffocate in pockets.

Working is child purchase.

There''s enough negative art for everybody

there's enough evil art for everybody

there's enough false art for everybody

there's enough bad art for everybody.

Sex, drugs, money, materialism and misogyny,

that's teasing the Devil. 

Nothing's too much

mass production fills our holes

covering up our deficits

we want that all, cause we identify with the Stain, wiped away

and the more we buy, the more the holes get bigger

so we waste more, more, more and more money

to feel something and stuff the emptiness that's in us.

words may only be sound

but they can be used in all the ways the throat's dancing

encouragements can be healers, but humiliations can sting and pump their poison deeper

jokes, they'll make you laugh and cry, or feel like a soft rope tied around your throat, choking you.

words, you can learn from them and steal a lesson from them, til they're naked, hiding in the other's mouth

truths are just bubble-gums, that can be chewed into lies

the artist's choice of words, that's a womb for unknown infinity.

Everyday life is a lover that won't leave 

but most of us are in its power

so we accept it so easily 

and we still kiss, make out and fuck our abusive partner, til its joining us to death. 


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