Sorrowfully Marooned Read Count : 19

Category : Poems

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Unraveling alone in the corridors of my darkened mind,

Scavenging for any sense of happiness that I could find,

Imagining a warming comfort of familiar faces outlined,

Maddening as I'm alone and scorn I've again realized,

Flattening in this heartbeat fading away as it's declined,

Unraveling my sense of purpose from the treachery behind,

Shattering my way back with no path forward, I'm blind,

Blackening within this abused abyss, no hope left, lost in time,

Saddening upon every aching movement of a reality so maligned,

Fathoming an escape through my emotionally neglected slime,

Abandoning all hope for the faith is now lost, my inner spirit is sidelined,

Sorrowfully Marooned becoming doomed, within my mind that I have designed.


  • Thoroughly enjoyed this read!

    May 12, 2021

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