White Fire: Kumori's Revolt- 5 REUPLOAD 🔞 Read Count : 25

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Dear Journal Day 745,

It has been a total of two years. Two years since we left. Two years since the war started. And two years since I've seen my daughter and wife. Durning these years that has gone by, we have lost a total of 15,000 men. Another 25,000 are coming. Nearly half of them don't have special abilities. We have token control of two cities. Pushing inward. I must go now.

Sincerely, Inu Hashigun.

Back at home Kitsune has been running the new nation fairly. Alongside with Natsu to aid her. Kumori is now 5, enjoying the spotlight of the crowd.

Dear Journal- Year 5, Day 145,

Another three years has gone by. I miss my beautiful daughter and gorgeous wife even more. Two bads and two goods. Bads, we've lost 36,000 men. And I've cheated on Kitsune. A girl named Nami. We have a child, a boy. I am ashamed on a level that even death by war or suicide won't compensate for what I did. The goods, we are getting reinforcement of nearly 125,000 men and we have taken three more cities.

Sincerely, Inu Hashigun.

Inu planned a leave from the frontlines to see Kitsune and Kumori for the first time in years. He left Natsu, who came to the frontlines to fight, in charge of everything. Inu left Nami and their child back on the frontlines. Promising he'll come back.

Dear Journal- Year 6, Day 25,

I am going to see my wife and daughter after 4 years. Kumori is now 9 and I'm eager to see her all grown up. Good news. No casualties, 25,000 more men coming; along with Natsu, and capture two more cities. We basically took another boat. War is on our side and could possibly be over within two to three years.

Sincerely, Inu Hashigun.

Inu and Kitsune hugged and smothered each other in kisses. Kumori cried and hugged Inu.

"I missed you sweety!" Inu cried hugging Kumori tightly.
"I missed you too Dad!" Kumori cried.

They went home and spent every second with each other. The thought of Inu's second family hasn't crossed his mind during his visit off the frontlines.

Dear Inu Hashigun,

We are having trouble here on the frontlines. Civilians are being killed. Nami and your son almost perished. It would be wise for you to come back, take control and help fight. We have lost one city during your absence. Sorry to cut your visit short sir, but we need you badly.

Vice Commander in Chief, Natsu.

Inu packed his things and wrote in his journal.

Dear Journal- Day 1,

It's been a year since I've written in this but I've been spending every second with my two favorite people in the world. I'm now heading back to the frontlines, I'll be missing my daughters 10th birthday, and I'm greatly upset but I'm doing this for her, so it's worth it. We lost 2,500 men and lost a city during my absence. I'm bringing 15,000 men with me and we'll be taking back the city.

Inu returned. Nami greeted him back. His son is 5. Inu along with Natsu took back the city, lost 5,000 men and detached a small boat. 15,000 refugees sailed to Kumori Hashigun Life. Among those 15,000; Nami and their child.

"Thought you hated me?" Inu commented, eyes turning black.
"I do." Natsue paused, his whole body engulfed in flames, "but I'm sick of this fucking government so I'm helping your pathetic ass."
"Heh," Inu chuckled.
"Hah," Natsu chuckled too, with a smirk.

"Let's go!" Inu yelled running into a wall of Blu Sea Army men. Natsu and nearly 350,000 men followed behind Inu.


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