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Kuma cane over to Kumi's apartment. He was let in. "He's in his room." Kumi informed Kuma in a hissing bitchy mood. Kuma was confused.

"Kuma?" Inu stood up, "what are you doing here?"
"I want to fight on the front lines. I want to take my sister's place." Kuma answered.
"You know you'll get killed almost right away!?" Inu told Kuma.


"I don't fucking care." Kuma answered pulling out two pictures. "This is my father, wjst your doing, is his dreams! He was killed whilst in battle. I look up to him cause he did this for me and my sister cause just like you he sees the corruption of the government! This is my sister! She is the only one who was born with these special and cursed powers! I'd do any fucking thing to make her happy and keep her out of danger. Even if it means taking her place in this damn war!"

They talked. Kumi eavesdropped on the two. Inu finally broke and agreed.

"Listen here you bastard!" Inu said ironically, "better not fucking die! And if you do! I'll kill you!" He stuck his hand up waiting for Kuma.
"Right back you! Better stay alive or I'm killing you myself asshole!" He chuckled finishing the truce.

The days passed. A dozen people met outside the Hall. Troops from the Blu Sea ran outside. Semicircle they formed, more than a dozen; out numbering Inu and his forces.


"Remember men!" Inu yelled, "the war hasn't begun until we take the Hall and break free from here or one has died on our side. But that shouldn't matter right!"
"Yeah!" Yelled everyone.
"We do this for out family and the future of our children and their children children!"

Silence fell. "Charge!" Yelled Inu. The dozen of men charged up to the Hall. The troops stood their ground, fighting off the dozens. A shot was fired. Then another. And another, and another. Inu's forces dwindled to only eight. Blu Seas forces down to 25. Nearly half on both sides died.

"Kuma!" Yelled Inu.
"Still here!" Kuma answered.
"This is war," somebody shouted.

"You've made it further than my dad," Kuma commented.
"Yeah, but not as far as my old man."

Inu charged in by himself. His eyes turned black. "Die you loyaltist bitches!" Inu single handed killed the remaining men left. Ripping off their heads. Slitting their necks, letting them bleed out. Tore their body's in half. Sometimes using his mouth to gouge out their eyes and esophagus out. The remaing seven ran in the hall, forcing and killing a majority of the officials who refused to give up their positions.

Inu right there and then was crowned the new president. President of the Kumori Hsshingun Life. Blu Sea consisted of nearly over 359 ships. The 100,000 people who sided Inu, now grew to nearly 945,000 people. It took time but they were all moved to the east of Blu Sea. They dispatched, taking 195 ships with them. Parting their ways.

Dear Natsu,

Sir, we've nearly lost a million people. Lost the Hall which is now the capitol of Kumori Hashigun Life. They took more than half of Blu Sea's ships to form their nation. Sir, I recommend you please come back from your holiday. The Super Elites and the rest of the Elites are not happy with you or the outcome of this act of treason.

Dear Secretary,

Please inform them I have resigned from my position. I have moved on and am staying with my niece and nephew. I also support Inu's revolt. Do not mention that part to them. Just tell them I have resigned and am staying with my niece and nephew. If I must face trial for treason, they shall send another letter to inform me.

Inu and Kitsune reunited. They married. Kumi was the maid of honor and Kuma was was the best man. Kumori is now three.


"I love you Inu Hashigun..." Kitsune said softly kissing Inu, tears ran down her cheeks.
"I love you too Kitsune Hashigun," Inu kissed Kitsune and Kumori.
"Daddy loves you baby girl."
"I wuv you two Dwaddy." Kumori said hugging her dad for the last time.

Kitsune and Inu hugged for the last time. And kissed for one last time.

Inu a long with over 200,000 thousand people with special abilities boarded a dozen ships. They raised the flag. Inu gave a speech before departing. Everyone cheered. They left, disappeared into the fog.

"Will Dwaddy come back?" Kumori asked holding her moms hands, and looking up.

Natsu along with his niece and nephew packed their things and set sailed to the new nation of boats.


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