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At what point in life are we to die?
How many of us will pass by?
Just for our best intentions to be seen,
Or for the greatest problem to be felt from it.
At what point will our voices echo in a terrain of no return?
How many of our  voices will be seized or silenced?
Before the words that lie beneath be heard,
Or burst like a grenade in space.
How many will resurrect for many to know we live to die?
How many of illiterates will become literates?
To know that science is not the answer to everything,
And among the literates,
Who knows not that education has no keys to life's mysteries.
How many of my lies must be heard?
And how many of lies must be accepted as truth just for pleasures delight?
How many of my truth will be used against me?
Just for the natural hatred we nurtured for years in our veins to emerge.
How many will be ready to answer all these questions?
Knowing fully well that "How many" has been the most common word in this poem,
Since the sight of men are blocked with fogs of criticisms.
Well, at this juncture, i leave you to this.
Delve into it's realm for i know you may not have the answers.
But i need you to know that life naturally has no questions for you,
But you must be ready to give answers to the unasked questions,
For we don't need to experience war before it dawns on us,
That Existence is not a game,
It is for a PURPOSE!!!
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


  • May 11, 2021

  • May 11, 2021

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