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Voiceless Talkers:Voiced dumb

Agonizing pain surge through veins
Eyes watered out of anguish
Pains coarsed through a personalty
Voiceless Talkers:Voiced dumb

Voiceless Africa:Voiced colonialism
Hands tied in a hopeless situation
Knowing not what could have been done
When imperialist dominates our fatherland

Voiceless Talkers: Voiced dumb
In the tightest corner Africa laid
When the imperialist took over the land
Lips locked working tirelessly in a hay
Body whipped by the imperial Lords

Vicious voiceless Talkers:Voiced dumb
There arose courageous Nationalists
Confronting the voiced dumb colonialists
A raging urge to put an end to appalled slavery
It dominates

We both Aporia and not concur
Our anathema preposterous

Thereafter the punctured ego of Africa
Africans rise but won't forget 
The unending ruthless inhumane sufferings
The degrading slogans of"Apes obey"
The menacing fingerprints of suffering still lingered in Africans mind


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    May 11, 2021

  • May 11, 2021

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