For The Heartbroken And Healed... Read Count : 21

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I became lost in her vibrations, the way she existed maximized my bodily sensations, pupils in her eye transported me into the highest of dimensions, you’d be crazy not feel her aura from a mile away, glowing against the stigmatic darkness of humanity’s love gone astray, invoke the gods with her name when I prey. Scented darkness of her oil shined hair whisks me to far-off lands, mountains, deserts, or island sands, there we are holding hands, she’s got this smile that spreads my worries like butter on warm toast, on a Sunday morning in a cozy cottage by the coast, a dream forever in my memory till the day I ghost. Your energy was genuine, our frequencies were out of tune, thank you for the moments that blasted my soul to the moon, I hope I can breath your words again, sometime somewhere soon. I used to think the ultimate experience in life was love, until you flew in from above like a dove, blessing my mortality, improving my morality, enhancing my reality, a connection with vast potential, far transcending the mediocrity of the existential, validating all that is quintessential. Love may be the answer but it’s not the solution, great results don’t always maintain modest execution, it’s easy to mistake toxicity for positive contribution. You revealed to me the madness of my methods, self-righteous concepts became shredded, for heart broken and healed souls this poem was intended 💙🙏🏻 


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