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I begin to melt. Blood in the veins turns to butter like ancient waters turned to divine wine. The mind violently falls through time while the body sits blissfully still amidst the silent chaos within the absolute perpetual darkness that roams amongst the stars. I am melting. Imaginary fingers plug my earholes,  the infamous ringing announces itself in my head just as quickly as it fades away into oblivion. Euphoric waves begin to crash upon the shores of my imagination, icy hot blankets of ocean emerge from the foam and drape upon the sand leaving their brown sugar shadows sweeting my senses, psychedelic palm trees splashed in cyan shades sway with my moods as their wind, flowing with the speed of my reverberated breath. As the clouds sail the golden pink horizon into the ether, a setting sun casts its final light. My body falls, my spirit  rises, I have melted.


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