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These 3am thoughts, like hungry eels snapping at my consciousness, rising from the deep foggy depths of my omnipresent subconscious mind. Eels that turn into screeching seagulls, their persistent echoes beckoning wiser aspects of myself for truth and clarity, calls that go half-heard, leaving little room for any sense of understanding. Mother Mary Janes vapors turn the tides for a little while, gracefully transforming the vibrations in the air, making music out of the  chaotic noise that threatens to engulf my mind. Like that first meeting between a warm breath and the glimmering cold surface of a popsicle amisdst the trials of a hot summer day, such is the union of man and plantae amidst the tribulations of a sleepless night. As I lay there, eyes fixed on a white powdered ceiling, cobalt blue waves of curiosity and hope consume my vision, the prerequisites of a good dream, peace of mind settles in, I slowly surrender to sleeps eager embrace. And just like that, the seagulls aren’t screeching anymore. They’re singing.


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