The Grueling Quandary Read Count : 16

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Losing everything I've fought for has opened a new door,

Refusing to give up was my only purpose, as we went to war,

Diffusing the situation only backfired, because she's keeping score,

Pursuing justice in the face of death, became my emotional gore,

Abusing everyone who cared, as she played victim was her encore,

Accusing hanous acts shared the grief among us without rapport,

Pursuing the void in her heart consumed who she was before,

Confusing false beliefs with altered realities, living in folklore,

Boozing was her subconscious representation as an evil mentor,

Choosing the hardest wave for all of us to drown in, washing ashore,

Using became the new mentor, as she opened up her own drugstore,

Infusing grief with agony, for the pain already there started to pour,

Bemusing and lost, covered in mental frost, we won't restore,

Confusing in this Grueling Quandary, I must let go so therefore,

Perusing for another solution will only keep me a prisoner of her war.


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