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Thousand Yard Stare 

She looks into his eyes,

But it's like no one is there.

He's lost himself again,

Inside the thousand yard stare.

She tries to understand, 

But it makes no sense.

He stands like a statue,

He doesn't even wince.

She stands beside him,

Taking his hand,

Patiently waiting 

For him to come back again. 

He's crossed the boundaries 

Of space and time.

Back to that place

Inside his mind.

Bullets fly and bombs explode,

He feels the panic as he reloads.

The sights, the sounds

So vividly clear.

The stench of death

Ever so near.

Every emotion, every action

Nothing like what he had imagined.

Time moves along 

In agonizingly slow motion,

Seconds feel like hours 

Of non-stop commotion.

He hears the sounds

Not part of the scene,

And he blinks his eyes

As the memory recedes. 

He looks around

And sees her there.

She's waited patiently 

Through that Thousand Yard Stare. 



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