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I am waiting for you
 Until the last drop of life.
I am waiting for you
 Even if you will not come. 
 All right!

  You, the one who forgot me a long time ago. 
 I, the one who remembers you
 At every step to nowhere.

  I will wait for you
 Even then if my heart stops beating.
 I will wait for you
 Even if the wind bites my lips
 And breaks my skin in the future.

  I'm waiting for you, 
Nothing terrifies me more
 Than the life I already live, 
Without you by my side. 

 I caught you in my thoughts, 
I kept you like a living light 
In my eyes and dreams,
In my truths and lies.


  • May 07, 2021

  • May 07, 2021

  • beautiful ma'am

    May 07, 2021

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