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Polymer 80 percent pistol kit have become a common option to purchase a pistol from the local gun shop. These 80 percent pistol panels, like the 80 percent lower receiver, have enabled shooters to create virtually any set available at home. You can now create your own, thanks to our friends at Polymer80. Without ever passing through an FFL, filling out some documents, or paying any additional taxes or penalties, you can legally create an unregistered and unserialized pistol handgun at home.

Parts Assembly for Polymer 80 Gun

First, we must mount the rear rail unit and the locking block rail that came with our frame. The locking block rail can be put in place right away. To mount the rear rail module, you'll require a pistol frame parts pack.

Step 1: Assemble the locking block rail

Simply connect the rail with the pin holes above the firing pin on the frame to mount it. Slightly press the pin into the frame's pin hole and obstruct the rail with your hammer. All holes on each side of the frame should be flat with the pin.

Step 2: Attach the magazine grab and catch spring.

To fix it, use your hammer and punches to softly tap the spiral pin into the hole within the magazine well. After that, have your magazine catch. The magazine catch has a notch/hole that can catch the end of the magazine catch spring until it's completely inserted. Begin by putting the trap into the right side of the frame's rectangular catch hole.

Push the magazine trap all the way into the lens inside the mag well until it's flat with the frame. Finally, softly force down on the trap spring, moving it to the right until it falls through the notch on the catch.

 Step 3: Put in the slip lock lever and spring

After that, position the spring in the cavity at the top of the frame. Check to see whether the leaf spring is fully encased in its bag. Then, using the rectangular hole on the left, insert the slide lock lever into the case.

Depress the leaf spring with a sharp screwdriver or needle-nose pliers as you insert the lock lever into the door. The spring will rise up through the notch on the bottom of the lever when the lever lock slides over it. Ascertain that the hook, or angled side atop the knob, is pointing backward.

Step 4: Place the trigger housing and the trigger in place.

First Slide the rear rail module around the housing of the trigger mechanism. The whole trigger device could then be slipped into the case. Grab the trigger housing pin and softly tap it into the trigger mechanism housing pin hole (not the trigger hole itself) on the grip until the holes on the rail, trigger assembly, and frame are lined up.

Align the hole on the lever with the hole on the bolt, as well as the hole on the frame for the trigger pin. Tap in the big trigger pin included in your 80 percent pistol kit until all three holes are aligned.

Step 5: Install the barrel and slip, then evaluate the performance of your 80 percent pistol kit.

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  • May 07, 2021

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