Opening Of Eve’s Evil Tales Read Count : 18

Category : Notes/Work

Sub Category : N/A
(The opening shows Eve falling in a dark river with little light and she opens her eyes)

(The screen switches to Eve as a pirate holding a sword and licking the blood off it)

(Charlie is shown in the prison)

(The pirates are shown smiling and drinking)

(Inside of a volcano is shown with four figures there)

(A woman who has long blonde hair, wearing a blue robe with stars on it looking at the sky)

(There is four treasures on an altar and evil smile is shown)

(A shadow of a snake is behind Eve and she has red eyes)

(Eve walks in a battle field full of dead bodies)

(In a flash, Eve is using two guns, drinking tea, and fighting)

(It switches to three witches surrounded by an orb)

(Eve is sitting in a chair that has thorns)

(One of the witches is talking to Eve with tears in her eyes)

(Eve got stabbed by a sword)

(The other witches attack the pirates)

(The opening ends with Eve flying, where it looks the moon is behind her and she ends sending a large bomb full of white and black magic to the ground, then lands on the ground and laughs evilly)


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