Opening Of Princess K Read Count : 15

Category : Notes/Work

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(The opening shows Princess K looking at a star looking like a princess, then she changed into her superself)

(Princess K and Charlie are holding hands, while running)

(The sorcerers are in a tower)

(Ishama is fighting people off)

(Beside Princess K is Ishama and Charlie)

(There is a town full of darkness and a light shines)

(Ishama and Princess K swimming is in the lake with the sorcerers)

(Ishama is in a hood with a bag of jewelry)

(The king is in a throne with a bunch of guards around him)

(A chest opens up, a shadow of Princess K is shown)

(Princess K is playing with amphomorphic people)

(Ishama is using a bow and arrow)

(Charlie is raising his scepter in the air)

(The opening ends with Princess K and Charlie smiling at each other)


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