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(The episode opens with a bunch of teenagers sleeping in individual beds, until their alarm rings)

(Cordelia has messy red hair)

Cordelia (as she hits the floor): Oof!

(Violet  girl with a pink bushy hair)

Violet: Ah (hits the alarm with a hammer) shut up.

(Lady Devil has blonde hair)

Lady Devil: Ah, the start of the morning, that I will turn into a day of pain for the people I hate.

(Quiet Storm a girl with two blue hair ponytails)

Quiet Storm (sitting on the bed): Ah, the peaceful sound of the morning, the birds are in harmony (looks outside) the sun is perfect and everything is calm.

(The camera shows Aladdin and abu is stealing food)

(Aladdin - a teenage boy has short black hair, red fedora, wearing a red vest, no shirt, purple baggy shorts, and no shoes)

(Abu - a small monkey with a hat)

(Cordelia: a long curly red-haired teenage girl wearing a brown safari hat, red shirt, tan skirt, blue gloves, black shades, blue rectangle like boots shows up)

Aladdin (hanging upside down with a loaf of bread): want one?

(Cordelia takes a piece of bread)

Cordelia: Aladdin, when are you going to stop stealing?

Aladdin: When people stop making it so easy

Cordelia: Uh, come on, we have to go it's the first day of high school

Aladdin: Alright (jumps down from a tree)

(The screen switches to Lady Devil and Cruella are talking, while walking)

(Lady Devil is wearing a purple dress with black stripes looking like a suit, holding a bag)

(Cruella as a teenager has long white hair, white skin, wearing a gray dress and black heels)

Lady Devil: it's too bad, we are on different sides

Cruella: I'm telling you there must've been a mistake, I mean we were in evil kindergarten together

Lady Devil: I know and it was fun, but the teachers and my mom don't agree and neither does my grades.

Cruella: Forget about that, it's not the grades that make you a hero or villain (looking determined) it's the test

Lady Devil: But, I already just took (looking shocked) oh no, I can't.

Cruella: No, it's a great idea, you take the villain test, and stay there for four days, please.

Lady Devil: Alright, I'll do it

(Sitting on the grass, Quiet Storm is smelling flowers, when mulan shows up)

(Quiet Storm is wearing a midnight blue dress, purple heels, and a dark purple cape)

Mulan (carryinh books): Quiet storm enjoying the grass again.

Quiet Storm: Of course, it's one of the ways I get in tuned with nature, besides meditating, come on friend (holds out her flowers) smell some flowers

Mulan: Alright, i'll give it a go (ducked down)

(A motorcycle comes, which blows the flower in Mulan's mouth, between her teeth)

Violeta: sorry (takes off her helmet) at least you didn't swallow it.

Violeta is wearing a green hood, a brown bear dress, gray book bag, and purple shoes with eyes, teeth, and horns.

Mulan (looking annoyed): Violet, why are you always riding that motorcycle?
Violet (smiles): It helps me express my bad girl vibe, also it's wicked cool

Mulan: Seriously, Violet, why you always have to be such a rebel

Violet: That's the way I roll, just because we're heroes, (winks) doesn't mean we can't be cool

(Kanisha has long black hair, brown skin, wearing a purple bow to hold her ponytail, white shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes)

Kanisha: Are you two going to bicker all day or are you going to move along, so we won't be late?

Violet: Well, if it isn't kanisha, soon to be a fairy godmother (smiles)how are you doing?

Kanisha: Good, now (looking around) where's Cordelia, Rapunzel, and Aladdin?

Violet: nowing them, Cordelia trying to stop Aladdin from stealing.

(Cordelia and Aladdin appears)

Cordelia: Ta da! Kanisha teleports us to school

Kanisha: Alright, quaza

(Kanisha teleport them to the front of the door)

(Fairy Godmother: a woman who has short white hair, wearing a blue dress and heels)

Fairy Godmother: Welcome to Disney high, where you discover yourself, first thing you must do is find your room, follow me.

Cordelia (while walking): Hey Kanisha, what did you do over the summer?

Kanisha: I went to the beach, went to the hotel, and baked some cake.

Mulan (smiles): That sounds nice.

Quiet Storm: Maybe, one day, you can demonstrate your baking skills, and maybe make some cupcakes.

Fairy Godmother : Why wait? (pointing to a door)There's a kitchen, right here.

Kanisha: Great, let's get baking

(Kanisha puts egg, flour, sugar into a bowl, spins the ingredients; put them into little cupcake shape metal plate, and  puts it in the oven with her tail and multiple arms)

(Ariel has long red hair, wearing a pink shirt, white pants and white shoes)

Ariel (with her hands to her cheek): Wow!

Aladdin: Awesome.

Cordelia (Smiles) (while eating a cupcake): They are absolutely delicious.

Quiet Storm (Smiles): My taste buds and these cupcakes are in perfect harmony

(The screen switches to Cruella with Lady Devil in front of other villains)

(Jafar - a teenager who has black hair, wearing a black shirt, red jeans, and white shoes)

Jafar: So, this is lady devil, welcome to the villains school.

Lady Devil (looking nervous) : Ah, thank you (Cruella pulling her) why is everybody so happy?

Cruella: Because our headmistress wanted you to be tried well

(Madam mim has light purple hair, light green, yellow/purple dress and heels)

Madam mim: there's her bird sending a message.

Jafa (looking at the letter):it's for you (hands it to Lady Devil)

Lady Devil: Really, the headmistress wants to see me? (disappears)

Lady Tremaine: You want to know why you're here, you see I have seen the future, and it would seem that you are in it.

Lady Devil: Sorry, this just seems so unbelievable normal, I expect the impossible, so for some reason I'm having a hard time accepting this.

(Lady Tremaine has dark violet hair, wearing a dress to match with a cat)

Lady Tremaine (sitting in a chair): It's very understandable your whole life has been filled with lies, that you will be a hero, when you have the heart of a villain, and you will realize this after the test,

Lady Devil: ok, if you really think so.

Lady Tremaine: trust me, I know these things.

Lady Devil: Alright, I will give a chance (then she leaves)

(The screen switches to Lady Devil being with Cruella)

Cruella: So, what do you think.

Lady Devil: I'm going to need a schedule, a room, and a (smiles) clever idea, the last one I will tell you about you later

Madam Mim: Well, I think I can help you

(Madam mim teleports Lady Devil in an empty room that has a bunch of papers, books)

(Madam gives a schedule, and close the door)

Lady Devil: Excellent, now I need to figure out about Lady Tremaine's crystal ball and how she's hiding

(The episode ends with Lady Devil smiling evilly)


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