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Free my mind from our memories
And let me be mine.
Stop my thoughts
And let the rain shine.

Tell me now all you have to say.
  Take me to heaven or
Lead me halfway.

  I couldn't say what I don't feel.
I couldn't pretend I don't know you,
When all I remember now,
Is the sweet taste of your bitter "I love you!"

These days I'm going empty-handed
These days the sun
Does not shine in the darkness.

I had you in my arms, but I broke you all. 
I kissed you tender, but I hit hard your mouth. 
I read your poems when you didn't want to.
I did the opposite, and all my desires
Remained only dreams -
Fire through the fire and fears.


  • May 06, 2021

  • May 06, 2021

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