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Opening my eyes with a pounding headache to a ill smelling, humid room with the smell of Death. Trying not to retch from the smell. Feeling of cold metal around my wrist and ankles. A small cot under me with just a thin ratted throw blanket.

Where am I?

Trying to shift where the chains rub my already raw skin. My clothes are filthy, mangled and dingy. My shoes are absent.

During which my energy is dwindling. The dimly lit area only emitting enough light to see the shadows of fixtures. I can see a chamber pot in the corner overfilled with urine and feces. Dry heaving at the idea of having to use it.

Taking in my surrounding noticing that there are no windows and only 1 door. I make my way off the unsanitary, rancid cot.

What did i do to deserve this? Is this misfortune of a past life of mine?

Trying to sit on the cleanest part of the bed. Let me inform you its not that easy. The whole thing is pretty much overloaded in defecation, bloodstains and other bodily fluids .

Downright gruesome!

Maybe i can shut my eyes for just a little bit. Footsteps noticed coming down a hallway towards the door. Im soon blinded by a bright like inside the room. Keys rattle in the steal door. I scrambled as far away as the chains will allow.

Door opening slowly..i look up and try to take in what i can. Its a man 6ft tall, eyes the color of Cherry red, muscular build, most likely had a 8 pack under his tight fitted shirt. You can tell just by his stance he is Arrogant and controlling. He looks to be in his late 20's maybe 33 if you push it.

Did you think I wouldn't find you little one?

Looking puzzled, terrified. Im speechless

I told your mother you were MINE and only MINE!! 

Chapter 1

I wake up, wrapped in sweat, whimpering. Gazing out the window snatching a glimpse of sunlight in the distance. Orange, yellow and red filter into the curtain.

So much for a good nights sleep.. I thought


Im free!! Thats how i feel right now. Like im one with nature. I feel the whispers when the wind blows. I can feel how alive the trees are. The animals scurry around the forest behind me.
Im laying down in an open field, I can smell the fresh rain that had passed hours ago. I can feel the warmth of the suns rays on my skin. I can sense mother nature's call. Everything is making me feel energized and at peace.
My birth mother Joyce is sitting next the the stream that runs at the edge of the field. She looks at peace.
I slowly make my to her. As i dip my feet into the stream I the water ripples then calms. I slowly place my fingers into the water and sigh. I can sense the overall calmness of the water.
My mother looks at me, I cant make out what she is trying to say I just know the worried expression that has plastered itself onto her beautiful features.
Soon my mother is picking up my tiny body and running into the edge of the forest. She places me into a hollowed out stump, tells me not to make a sound and under no circumstances do not come out until she says its safe.
With tears streaming down my face i try to make out the voices that are there.
I know they are speaking of me.
"Give me what is MINE!!"
My mother us trying to reason with the man who is screaming at her.
The next thing i hear is the blood curdling scream of my mother and then complete silence. Not even the animals are moving.
I remember my mother say not to move out of the stump until she says its safe. So i try to lay and get comfortable.
Hours pass by and still nothing. Im still to afraid to move. Soon enough my stomach makes a protest for food and i make my way out of the hallowed stump.
My eyes scan the area as fast as my 6 year old eyes would allow me to. Im tired, hungry and scared.
I soon land my eyes on a trail of blood to where my mothers lifeless body lays. Thats when i lay down and place my small body next to hers in what was once my safe haven. I soon allow blackness to overcome me.

End of Fashback

Chapter 2

Waking up covered in sweat and tears is kinda gross in my opinion. Not only do i feel sticky but my eyes are red and puffy.
Finally deciding to move out of the comfort of the bed. I throw the pink and purple feather comforter off me and place my feet on the wood floor. Wiggling my toes and running a hand down my face trying to wipe the sleep away.
I slowly walk to the bay window in my room and pull back the curtain. Im not blinded by the light like I normally am on days like this.
To me it felt like any other day. The shadows and voices are still there. Random people dressed in different types of clothes from different eras. It makes me feel as im looking through time.
Woman dressed in jeans and tshirts. Some in petticoats even as crazy as just cloth.
Men in suits with ties, dress shoes, some in the same jeans and tshirts, what i cant get past is the men in the cloth that only covers the front of there body.
Not that im complaining. I am a hormonal teen. Haha
What I hate to see the most is the young children that run around. Dressed just like the adults. The only difference is the children always are smiling and laughing.
Snapping out of my thoughts

I make my way to my walk in closet and choose my outfit for the day. I decided on a warm grey turtle neck with black leggings with white lace around the ankles. To complete the look i choose a pair of flats.

"Oh shit! You scared me!" I said

"Hummm my bad..Just needed to see if you were on your toes" said Amber

"Im always on my toes. How can i not be with a witch that hangs around" I said

"Very funny Maddie. Maybe ill just leave and never come back since you dont care much for me anyway"

"No i didnt mean it Amber im just stressed..i had that dream again"

"Well im trying to get some clues for you on why you always have that dream the day before your birthday"

"Thanks Amber!. If mom knew i was talking to you again shed probably send me to my councilor again."
'Eyes rolling'

"Well ill leave you to get dressed and ready for the day i know how much you love school. Hahaha"

Moving to the bathroom down the hall. I turn on the water to let it warm up before getting in. The water slowly relaxing my stiff muscles and putting my mind at ease. Helping to ease my racing mind.
Almost an hour later, im dressed in my grey turtle neck and leggings. I attempt to brush out my golden blond hair. Noticing my eyes are a brighter Olive green today. Snatching one last glimpse in the mirror before walking out.

"Think you took long enough freak!?" My sister Courtney voiced

Moving aside, I don't even reply to her freak comment. I couldn't even tell you why she hates me so much. Maybe its because i don't care what others think of me. Or the fact that mom adopted me.

Courtney is beautiful in her own way. She has brown hair, hazel eyes like mom. She has curves in all the right places. The only problem is she knows shes hott! Its aggravating.

Forcing my legs to approach the stairs. Doing my damnedest to stop myself from conversing with the spirits that are roaming around. Let me tell you its a lot harder than it seems. Its like im hallucinating.

Chapter 3

Finally making it to the kitchen, i can already hear my mom whispering to my brother. That's nothing new to me. Like i said im the black sheep of this family.
The smell of bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes and coffee fill the air. It makes my mouth water, my stomach protesting for food.
I close my eyes and inhale the sweet aroma of breakfast.
If only these voices would stop then maybe i could enjoy my morning more.
There whispering stops as soon as I make my entrance into the kitchen.

Sweetie are you okay? Mom said

Yes mom im okay..i just have a headache

Are you sure? You look a little pale?
Do i need to call the doctor?

Getting a plate and cup from the cabinet i slowly start to put some bacon and pancakes on the plate while mom pours my coffee.

Cream and sugar today?

No mom just black today. Im trying to wake up still. Maybe the strong coffee will help.

Ok sweetie

My sister rolls her eyes at our conversation. As im talking the coffee cup from my mothers hand, I can see a smirk planted on Courtney's lips.

Oh no shes up to something I thought to myself

"Hey mom maybe you should call that doctor for crazy people again" said Courtney

"Why hun is everything ok?"

"Yes Im fine, but when I went to the bathroom this morning I overheard Maddie talking to herself again"

Here we go again...ugh! Why cant I just have a moment of peace..
Is it to much to ask?

"Sweetie us that true?"
"Were you talking to yourself again?"

Looking down at my food i'm no longer feeling hungry. I try and tune of all the voice that are around. Closing my eyes i take a deep breath in and slowly let it out through my nose. Trying to calm my racing thoughts

"Sweetie answer me!"

Moms tone went from loving to concerned with a hint of anger now

"Yes mom I was talking in my room"

"Who were you talking to?"

"I was talking to... Umm..."

"Well tell me"


Sweetie I know you don't like talking to me about these things,maybe i do need to schedule that appointment with the doctor.

No mom please im ok..don't make me go. I plead

Looking up from my plate i see Courtney with a smirk on her face. I don't know what shes trying to do but im not excited.
Im completely over this morning i couldn't stand it anymore. Getting up from my chair i send Courtney a glare and make my way back to my room. I still have an hour before school starts.

I get to my room and slam my door. I sit at the foot of my bed and look out my window. No one is out there anymore. It seems eri quiet. Hearing footsteps outside my door before the knock.

I let out a exasperated breath

Come in

Here comes the lecture. Just like always

Sweetie Can we talk?

Uhh NO!! I cant really tell her that or ill possibly end up grounded or worse.

Chapter 4

Watching my mother slowly make her way into my room. I can feel the air starting to become suffocating. At this point I already know what shes going to say. Its always the same.

There's no one you talk to, they are just your imagination. Your making yourself look crazy. How do you think others view us when you have an 'Episode'. Why cant you be more like your sister? Im spending good money on that councilor and he cant fix you.

Like I said its always the same. It never changes and what the worse part of it all is as shes lecturing me I cant even pay attention. My head is pounding even more and Amber wont go away.

That's the thing about Amber. She loves to make fun of these lectures which make me laugh when shes making faces or saying funny comments. My mother always looks at me like I'm insane.

Why does this 'Talk' have to be so boring. I wanna pull my hair and scream get out.

Soon my mother is just looking at me waiting for an answer, but as my luck has it I have no idea what she asked because I am stuck in my own crazy thoughts.

"Maddie! I asked you a question" mom said

"Sorry mom, I zoned out. What is it again?"

Here we go with her eye rolls and judgemental look

"Why don't you go to Dr. Greg's office after school. Ill be sure to call him and tell him you are coming."

Rolling my eyes one last time. I sigh

"Fine Mom" "can i finish getting ready for school i don't wanna be late again."

Im still lost in my own thoughts even still i hear my bedroom door shut. Breathing a sigh of relief I glance at the clock on my bedside table and notice i only have 20 mins before school starts. Thank God school is only a 5 min drive and a 10 min walk.

Taking one last look in the mirror. Grabbing my phone, purse, and satchel with my books, I make my way out the door.

Stepping outside give a whole new meaning to feeling free. Its just on the chilly side but not cold enough for winter jackets. I take a deep breath in and start my 10 min walk to school.

Slowly listening in on nature. I can hear the wind whispering to the trees, the animals moving around. The bird singing songs high in the trees. Humming to myself. I can smell pine needles and rain. It give me the most calmest feeling.

Well that calm feeling has ended as i make my way through the parking lot of the school , up the stairs and through the glass doors.

Here we go, another day in this Hell hole! I cant wait to graduate and never come back!

Chapter 5

Have you ever felt like you don't belong. like you were supposed to be somewhere else? I hate this god forsaken place they call school. Its not just because its school but because everyone here makes it there mission to mess up my day.

shuffling towards my locker that still has spray paint and chewing gum stuck to it. twisting the code into the rundown lock. as soon as I open my locker im hit with the prut rid smell of old gym socks and fish. UGH what a way to start the day. Im not even caring at this point. I leave my books and class work in the locker and shut the door. I cant even deal with it right now. I hear the snickering and the laughs from my schoolmates.

The words I hear on a daily bases
Freak, weirdo, ugly, crazy, pathetic, but the one that has always cut deep is the word lunatic

I never understood why kids were always mean and unkind to other classmates that didn't wear the same high brand clothes or that brought there lunch to school. Its like they think they are inferiour to others.

Most days school drags on, today its passing by fairly quickly. the only difference from the other days and today is today my brother Ashton and his friend Markus decided to join in on the harassment. They hit me with spit wads and torn my school work into pieces, grabbed m lunch and dumped it on me. I have been used to the torture from everyone but now with my once ally and brother Ashton, i now have no hope in this world.

Ashton is just your normal playboy jock. he has brown hair that is slicked back, baby blue eyes with a hint of lavender specks, Toned body from the sports he plays and all the times he is at the gym. Ashton is know as friendly/self centered. he knows he is every girls  fancy.
Markus is just as bad as Ashton when it comes to being a playboy. They like to use girls for sexual pleasure, or just to use them to gain something in return.          Markus has a dark brown buz cut, golden eyes with blue specks. Markus has this imtimadative personallity that drawns you in. I have yet to ever see him smile except for when he is on a rampage and joining in on the pranks and torture. Some classmates say that Markus is Psychotic and possessive.

Im so glad that there is only one more class to go and then I can return home. I hoping that the weekend gets here soon so that way I can have a few days to myself locked in my room.

what no one knows though is that no matter where I go Im never really alone. The spirits always follow. Some of them even laugh with the kids that bully me. Others just try to talk to me or help me with the cleaning.

With the last bell signaling that school is over. I hurry out the door hoping not to get caught with another spit wad in the hair.
Ten min later and Im home. I have at least a few hours until I need to be at Dr. Greg's. Im dreading even going to this appointment. I just hope its not like the last time where he tries to get me to lay down on the sofa to express my thoughts and feelings to analyze. I hate when he writes in his little notebook acting as if he knows everything.

Chapter 6

Dr. Greg's office is just outside of town it is an old house converted into an office. If you didn't know it was a doctors office you would think it was a just a normal single floor 3 bedroom 2 bath vacation cabin. It has a wrap around porch, rocking chairs with a porch swing located towards the end for a comfort seating. at the far end of the porch there is a patio set complete with table, two chairs and a small sofa. some meetings with the doctor have been held out on the deck. The door is oak wood with a large heavy lion head knocker.

once walking inside I announce that I have arrived. Dr. Greg shouted from the kitchen.

"would you like coffee or tea?"

"No thank you though" I replied slowly

"go ahead and get comfortable, we can sit in the living room or out on the porch, whichever you prefer".

I guess ill just head into the comfy yet cozy living room with the red love seat, clack chairs, and a small table with a laptop.

Slouching into one of the chairs knowing if I choose to sit on the couch that Dr. Greg would try to sit as close to me as possible. I don't know why my mother chose to send me to him, my mom says my communicating with the dead are 'Episodes' which can be fixed with the correct treatment.

"So ms. Caldwell, your mother called me to inform me of your visit, would you like to know why she thinks its good to see me today instead of me scheduling like I normally do?"

"Not really Dr. Greg."

Sighing and shifting in my chair

"I think its safe to say that she thinks Im crazy and has no idea what to do when I begin to communicate with the dead that linger around everywhere."

Quickly grabbing his notebook with my name written on the binding, along with a few different colored pens.

Is he writing a porno in there or is he just trying to look professional. Maybe hes doing both. Only one way to find out I guess. Ill need Ambers help with this.

"why do you think you are communicating with deceased"

"I don't think Dr. Greg, I know I am."

Chapter 7

"I don't think Dr. Greg, I know I am"

Why do I feel as though what hes writing in that book isn't what im hoping is sunshine and rainbows.

"How so?"

"Well lets see Doc, Not only can I tell you what you are writing in your notes, I can also tell you what drink you have on the kitchen counter".

He seems to question himself just a little before he decides to play along.

"Okay, Ill bite, tell me"

Ok Amber, I know your here. I watched you walk in. Lets mess with good ol doc. I think for a min.

"Hey Amber, I know your here. Wanna help me out and tell me what the good ol doc wrote on todays page? Also what he has in his cup on the kitchen counter."

While we both are waiting patiently for Amber to look in the kitchen and over Dr. Greg's shoulder. Hes looking at me like I've just fell into a trap. Humming to myself I smile.

"Alright you ready Doc?" I smirk and raise my eyebrow

"Y..yyess" clearing his throat

"Well you see Doc, according to Amber which is staring over your shoulder at this moment, glancing at the paper you seem to not want me to read for some reason." She says and I quote

"Patient shows signs of delusion, hallucination, Psychotic behavior. Patient tends to use isolation as a coping mechanism. Continues to show no progress with treatment."
"Patient admits to hearing voices and communicate with sprits."

Looking back to my hand i sigh and take another breath. This is gonna be hard due to the fact that he has always known uve been telling the truth. Hes lied to not only me but everyone else..on the top right hand corner of the page in green writing it says
Just like her brother Ashton

What the hell!! I don't let him know I know more than im saying so with just a little bit more i quit my rant.

"Shall I continue Doc?" "Do you believe and understand me now?" Widening my smirk

"Nn...nnnoo" studering, visibly shaken by the idea of me knowing anymore.

Ill have to ask Amber later if its possible for her to steal it. Id like to make a copy of it for myself

Snapping out of my thoughts to still see a very stunned and shaking Doc. I guess that's my que to leave. Not really wanting to be here when he snaps out of his shock.

Walking down the path to the road. Kinda lost in my own thoughts. I hate how I have to walk every where. At least it gives me time to think.

The wind has begun to blow a little more causing me to feel goosebumps. Wrapping my arms around myself, I take a deep breath in to savior the relaxing calming feeling. Its as if the wind knows I need a hug. The birds chirping a melody. Pine and rain is smelt in the air. The woods slowly drawing my attention.

How did I end up here.? This has to beca dream. Is my mind playing tricks on me?

Chapter 8

How did I end up here? This has to be a dream. No it cant be. I wasn't even asleep. My dreams aren't even real. Right? Minds can be tricky, causing you to see things that arent even there. This does feel like deja vu.

Why do I feel that's not the case. Its like this has happened before. My gut is saying otherwise.
Ever since leaving the ol Docs office, my phone has been buzzing non stop. I cant even begin to deal with my mother right now. Placing my phone back in my pocket.
The wind calmly blows and the birds sing my favorite melody isn't even calming my nerves or racing mind anymore. Im so on egde right now. My legs having a mind of there own. My senses on high alert. Hairs on the back of my neck standing up, goosebumps running down my arms. As if im being watched from a distance.
Feet moving over the fallen tree branches and slashing in the small puddles left from the rain. I already know my flats are soaked and the bottom of my lace leggings are most likely covered in mud.
So much for my favorite outfit. Walking for what seems to be hours which in reality is only 20 minutes. Im in a clearing. The one from my dream.
My mind on overdrive. Visions flashing in my sight.

My mother, a much younger version of myself chasing each other. Laughing and smiling. Not a care in the world.
With images swirling my clouded head. Not even noticing a figure appear from the shadows of the tree line.
Feeling my knees give way, i fall to the damp ground. Tears filling my once shinning eyes. Not even registering the tall figure starting to approach my mentally exhausted body.

Kneeling down in front of me, placing his hand below my chin rasing my head to meet his gaze. All I see are the Red eyes and that devils smirk from my nightmare's.
Gasping for breath, to shocked to even comprehend what's happening. His gaze holds so much intensity and need.
Just raising more questions to my mind.

"I told you little one, you cant escape me! You are MINE! Ill always be able to find you!"

Removing his hand from my chin, my head drops to my chest. Breathing heavily.
No this cant be! Im dreaming. Right?

My mind starts to clear and the visions disappear. Looking around im back at Dr. Greg's house. What's happening. How did i make it out of the forest? I know i wasn't imagining being there. My clothes are proof of that.
Gathering enough strength I begin to head home. It already getting dark. The sun is setting just over the ridge.

My cell starts to ring again. Looking at the screen light up I have 30 missed calls and 20 text. Moms calling again. Debating on if i should answer or not. Finally realizing if i dont answer now ill just be in more trouble. Sliding the green circle to answer, my mother is already ranting before i get it to my ear.

"Where are you! Why aren't you home? Do you know what time it is?"

While mom continues to rant. Im forcing my feet towards home. 20 mins later and im in the top of the drive. I barely noticed mom hang up.
Taking a deep breath trying to calm my shaking hands. I don't even have a chance to grab the door handle. With the door swung open, a very upset and crazed looking mother on the other side.

Sighing, stepping past the opening. Im squaring up ready for another stupid and unnecessary lecture.

Chapter 9

Sighing, stepping past the opening. Im squaring up ready for another stupid and unnecessary lecture.

My mind is all over the place. I cant even think straight. Knowing I may be crazy. I cant even concentrate on my mothers words. I know shes not very happy with me. Its all a game to them. Its like they don't even care if i know who i am or what happens to me.

Unclogging my mind a steering away from my thoughts I try my best to focus on my mother. Shes just going on and on about how I'd be perceived to others, The family image, Not once did she even think to ask why I was gone or if I was ok.

My patience is running thin. I can feel a pressure building in my chest. My body is tingling, my hands feel warm. This feeling is calming yet terrifying. As my mother continues to rant about me being gone. I finally had enough. Im exhausted and agitated.

"ENOUGH MOTHER!! I screamed, i didn't even recognize my own voice.

She was stunned into silence. The look on her face was pure and utter fear. I didn't care though, I needed to get away. My blood felt like it was burning me from the inside. Tuning around and running from the living room. I hurry as fast as my legs could carry me to my room.

I slam my door making the wall shake from the force. Ugh, Why wont this feeling stop. It hurts. Im so over everything. I need a shower, that's what I'll do, water always calms me down. Grabbing clean clothes I force my legs down the hall to the bathroom. Turning on the faucet waiting for the steam to collect on the mirror. Now I know that the water was the perfect temperature. I undressed, stepping in. My body seemed to slowly relax and calm down. I felt the stress and worry roll off of me. My blood no longer feeling as if it was burning me.

An hour later I step out of the shower. My skin wrinkled and red. My mind no longer racing. I guess I had an panic attack. I haven't had one of those since I was 7.

I remember it. I remember being so angry and scared. I has fire coming out of my hands. The wind howling, even the sky started to pour rain. I haven't been able to do that since I was adopted.

Back in my room, I look at the clock on the bedside table. Its 2am, no wonder mom freaked out. Im exhausted, mentally and physically. My whole body aches as if I was run over by a train. Maybe I can skip my classes tomorrow and sleep in. I think i could sleep for days. Plus tomorrow is my birthday and I sure as hell didn't want to spend it at school.

Climbing into my soft queen size bed, making sure to wrap myself up like a burrito, even a caterpillar would enjoy this cocoon I've made.

Im safe, relaxed, eyelids drooping shut.
Into the dark deep sleep I so desperately needed after the day I've had.

Hopefully I wont be plagued with nightmare's

To be continued....

(Still in progress of writting, will publish more soon) 


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