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Many who don't know
Assume I'm one of crazy fans
For your matter i hawk
Just as gala in hold-up.

I blamed them not
Hence they lived in the dark
Only i have the truth
Buried in my tommy.

Your songs reflect your life
You build me up in secret 
If you can over come your challenges
So will i.

The one I called guidian angel
However we are yet to meet in person
You speak my facing challenges
In every release of your new singles.

My favorite often hides his pain in songs
Whenever I'm scared to face reality
Your songs are on auto-repeat
Energies I draw from your voice.

Not i who likes you
But my soul finds solace
In what you do with your voice.

Now, you're a preacher of the words
To heal the fainted hearted
Do just stop using your voice.

Indeed you are living your purpose
I await the day a soul will say this to me
Keep being you 
The world loves you.



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    May 05, 2021

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