The Way To Nowhere Read Count : 19

Category : Poems

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You have reached the darkest cells, 
You have shown me the way to nowhere. 

 I told them about you, like a fairy tale, 
Instead of “I will always love you”, 
It was “a short painful goodbye.” 

They wondered how happy I was,
 I hid you in my inner thoughts.
 No one made me to love you 
As I loved you -so deep- 
Without rules, without mercy,
Without you by my lips. 

 My beats remain blank, 
My heart clings to your shadow - gray.
 You belong to my heart, 
Even if I will not see you 
Ten more lives from now on.

You belong to my blood, 
Even if it means never opening my heart
 To someone new again.
Loving you deep now!


  • May 05, 2021

  • superb ma'am as always...😍

    May 05, 2021

  • I love it..

    May 05, 2021

  • May 05, 2021

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