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My life is hidden by death, 
My thoughts spin in my head. 
 I stretch out my hands to you,
 But you spread your arms like a bird
 Preparing to fly away... 
Too far to catch you in my blood.

 My life collapses on the walls of your silence,
 I blink to breathe the fire of my desires.  
My life is shaking. I'm incomplete.
Will I see you again? 
 What can I do, honey,
 With all these tears?  

Drown me in a drunk hug, 
To keep me awake until my final death.
My life is hidden by pain, 
My thoughts spin in my head. 

Love, girl, the way I loved you. 
 I will love you anyway.  
Be free, girl, fly away
 Even if I can never see you again.


  • May 05, 2021

  • It's lovely

    May 05, 2021

  • beautiful ma'am...

    May 05, 2021

  • Beautiful!

    May 06, 2021

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