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In my world everything  becomes vibrant the sky's bluer, the grass greener
and the trees branch out through my hands. Like it thrives through my energy. pocketing in my aura they strive to growing to my depth. a flow of life im its seed of growth.
The ground shakes of life  saying I'm here the sound of its rawr through my ears. The fire crackle I can hear everything its all so close and so far. I look out through the woods its like a painting I can touch. I can walk into the sensation like a screen of cotton such a awesome feeling. The wind blows and darkness creeps. We set a fire of colored glory seaps from the ground. I see designs no one else does my peak is going away im coming home from my awesome trip saddly I couldn't stay. Take a moment to swallow one more beautiful experience eyes so heavy ready to be taken over by sleep so I lay there and count my sheep good night.


  • May 05, 2021

  • May 06, 2021

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