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An adventurous heart that hasn't yet gone places

A Letter without conclusion

Readers left in a state of confusion

The wounds that never heal

The pain was always real

If I had a remote I'd rewind to the time before I lost my happy

When I smiled from the truth that spilled from soul and I felt lucky

When love was so close I could smell it's sweet flowery scent

I could feel the warmth slowly seeping into the picture as I stroked on the canvas of my life with a brush in paint

The shame on my face that came with thinking I didn't deserve the love I was given

Looking at the givers with shock and wondering whether or not they could see me for what I was, I wasn't necessarily hell but I sure wasn't heaven

The smiles that plastered on my face with caution

Sure not to betray the pain that sat heavy on a heart filled with negative emotion

The closure of love that could have been

But never was because it wasn't meant to be

Unfinished business

With valid reasons

Yesses that came out as No's

Do's that ended up as Dont's

Everything we are

Hidden beneath what we're not

Giving up the last shot

Questions loudly shushed into silence

Battles won without the violence

Love lost before it's blooming

Tears in her eyes were gleaming

Endings without beginnings

Looping around the chemistry of unfinished business

Craving to be satisfied by the touch of closure


  • May 04, 2021

  • May 04, 2021

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