Minnie Mouse Upset Read Count : 15

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Childrens
Minnie Mouse was feeling alone she didn't have anyone to talk to or to play with. She saw Micky mouse playing with Donald duck and goovy so daffy said why don't you go over and ask them if you can join in" minnie mouse said I'm not sure if they want to play with me as I'm not cheerful anymore. Daffy said why do you think that you not cheerful your the best out of all of us." Ok said minnie mouse I will go and as them now if I can join in with them. So she went over and asked Micky mouse if she can join in, so Micky mouse replied of cause you can join in with us I'm guessing your new here. Minnie mouse said yes I'm new here but I'm feeling sorry for myself. Goovy and Micky mouse said minnie why you feeling so upset" she replied because I'm not popular or have friends round here donold duck said you are more than welcome to join In with us


  • May 03, 2021

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