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Children so very small, adored since before they'd crawl, together we formed our own creation,

Narration to this story onus with grief and worry, brought so much pain to our emotional starvation,

Addiction was the staple while the children ate pancakes dripping with maple, her eyes of dilation, 

Damnation within this household put our families in a stranglehold, while daddy is gone Mommy had her fixation,

Sensation stemming from her freedom open doors to inner demons, while the young minds in deflation,

Inclination that something wasn't right as I saw the change over many nights, this gave hope inflammation,

Infection of the neglect while everyone was unaware, except the father who knew, who was aware of the mutilation,

Speculation turned to a nightmare, for an addict will annihilate anyone who would care, I risked assassination,

Clarification to the evil present confirmed the children experienced her torment, our family is in desperation,

Generation after generation the same results, children receiving insults repeated as adults, family tree laceration,

Expiration to this madness was upon me, the children scared clenched my feet, I was their emotional insulation,

Meditation helped them forget, but I couldn't erase the neglect, the children scarred needing relocation,

Stimulation was her only objective, her mind under the devil's control arrested, uncontested destabilization,

Mediation wasn't the key, didn't work because it was only me, to believe what I have seen carried mystification,

Investigation to her negligent ways still wasn't enough to expose her plays, Every direction carried misinformation,

Contemplation over every angle on the next move ended in a fable, this couldn't really be happening, bastardization,

Temptation to keep attempting to save her from herself, only prolonged our families hell, time for the amputation,

Abomination from her theft of the children, her atrocious act had them hidden, a holy deprivation,

Inhalation of her abhorrent mind control confused the children of who daddy is, she stole, a mindful infiltration,

Isolation and without their protector, children abandoned with this objector, sought out by the police station,

Transformation took over their little minds, they were subjected to hideous crimes, an evil parental violation,

Collaboration of everyone came together, she rushed home knowing it's better, instead of criminalization,

Realization of the children dirty, without shoes and underwear I'm worried, but they're alive in this finalization,

Focalization of this Abandonment Abomination carried my drive to protect, 
The children shake never again experience neglect, 
not as long as I'm breathing for I'll never forget, 
the fight will last many years and it will always be intense,

But the little girls smiles is all I need for justification, as I fight uphill for their stabilization.


  • May 03, 2021

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