Alula The Space Traveler Chapter 1 Read Count : 13

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By the hover car is a girl with fuzzy black hair, wearing a white jumpsuit with rainbows on it and white boots named Alula looking at the sky, while eating a turkey sandwich.

"How beautiful, hey Big Dipper", said Alula.

A shadow appears behind Alula.

"Hey Orion", said Alula.

Orion is a boy who has silver hair, wearing a red jumpsuit and boots.

"How did you know it was me?" Orion asks Alula.

"Your dang squeaky boots", Alula complained.

"I knew there was something wrong with these boots", said Orion.

"Let me see them, I can fix it", said Alula, while holding her hand out.

"Alright", replied Orion.

Alula looks inside the boot and smiles.

"What?" asked Orion, curiously.

"This", said Alula, takes out a rubber duck.

"How did that get in my boots?" asked Orion, looking confused.

Alula walks away.

An engine starts.

"Are you about to go on another adventure already?" Orion asks Alula, by the hover car.

"Well, first I have to get my duffle bag, then yes", said Alula, then pats Orion on the head. " I will be going". 

Alula gets into her hover car.

"Can't you stay a bit longer?" Orion groans.

"Orion, you know I never stay in the same place long", said Alula.

"Well, you better at least say goodbye to Capella, you know how she hates being left out", said Orion.

"Of course, do you need to be dropped off somewhere?" asked Alula.

"Nah, my hovercycle is over", said Orion, then pointed to the right. "There". 

Orion whistles.

A flying motorcycle appears and Orion gets into it.

Orion puts on his helmet.

"You want to have a race?" asked Orion, then smiles.

"Bring it on", Alula smirks.

"Ready", said Orion.

"Get set", said Alula.

Orion and Alula look at each other with determination.

"Go!" exclaimed Alula and Orion.

Orion and Alula fly off in a blur.

In a cave where there are glowing flowers, and Capella: a girl who has black frizzy straight hair, wearing a green jumpsuit and boots is smelling the flowers and putting them in a basket.

"How beautiful", Capella smiles, then looks at the water and her eyes glowed red. "I sense bad news".

"I better go", said Capella, then ran away. 

The wall rumbles.

"Oh boy! Here it comes!" Capella complains.

Out of the water, came a giant snake and chased Capella.

Capella runs and whistles, then a hover car appears.

Capella jumps into a hover car with a basket and drives off.

The snake is still trying to attack Capella.

Capella almost got hit by a giant broken sword, then falls out of her car.

A shadow of the car appears.

Capella is taken away.

From a distance, there is a snake getting hit by a meteor.

In the hover car, Alula is driving with Orion and Capella in the back.

The snake from before pops out of the ground, which makes Alula lose control of the hover car and the hover car throws Alula out.

Alula runs away from the snake at best she can, but the snake slithers at super speed and bits her wrist.

"Alula!" Capella and Orion screams, while looking worried.

The snake lets go of Alula.

"It seems I can talk", said the snake, then spitted. "And human taste horrible

"Well, excuse me", said Alula, feeling insulted.

"Pay attention to your snake bit", said Orion.

"It's okay, I'm fine, I'm immune to poison", said Alula, looking casual.

Alula starts to glow.

"You were saying", said Orion, looking annoyed.

"It must be the meteor", Capella figured out.

"That doesn't help me", Alula complains, then her eyes turn snake like.

"She's mutating now", said Orion.

Alula grows a snake tail, then looks at the giant snake slithering away.

Alula's snake tail turns into an ax and the snake is sliced in half.

Orion and Capella look shocked as they see the sliced snake.


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